A business card is a part of the introduction of the business to the external world, they are important for making a very good and important first impression. An attractive, eye- catching business card with all the relevant contact information can capture the attention of your prospective customers and help you remain in their mind, well after your first meeting. Business cardsare a good networking tool for professionals and serves as a promotional tool for a business or company. A compelling design with the right combination of colours and images helps you gain these advantages when sharing your card.

Business cards may not be the fastest nor the easiest way to connect with people and exchange contact information amongst each other, but it sure does boost your professional image. Even in the year like 2019, the business card can be the game changer and difference between success and failure. Your card will require to contain your company name, your name, title, phone number, email address, and website. Street addresses are more optional now that more companies are opting to put their email address only.

Business cards normally contain key contact details of a company and its details. But marketers have turned these cards into an effective tool to drive customers back to their company and website. Cards these days are a way to make a quick first impression on the recipients and their customers or their clients. Despite all the technological advancements in the world right now, business cards are still irreplaceable.

Here are 5 easy ways to make your card stand out compared to the rest of them out there.

  • 1. Make it personal to the company wants and its vision.
  • 2. Think outside the box.
  • 3. Make changes you feel is required only, don’t try to much.
  • 4. Differentiation compared to your competitors.
  • 5. High quality cards with attractive colours.

Avoid the 11 Most Common Business Card Mistakes

  • 1. Not including your address is a bad mistake as a possible client wants to meet you face to face there is no address for them to come meet you and you might lose a potential customer.
  • 2. A cluttered card {too much information in a small card}
  • 3. Inadequate use of colour or using bad colour.
  • 4. Not including your email address and website or address.
  • 5. Using a big or oversized card.
  • 6. The font printed on the card is to small too notice or read.
  • 7. Having a card that looks similar to your competitors or what is already there in the market.
  • 8. Using a bad or poor quality card/ paper for making theses business cards.
  • 9. Not providing a unique selling proposition.
  • 10. Making a bulk order of cards that will just sit on the shelf.

Here at LIGHTHOUSE we try to make the best business card for you, we create diversification in the form of a business card for your business. We try to create demand from your new and potential customers who will look back at your business card and find that it is really attractive and find the professionalism from the way your business card looks, we also have a dedicated team to look into all your requests and nullify all your problems about the business card. We also provide and create online business cards for anyone with a demand for them. The agile team of Lighthouse is creative and experienced well in the fields of marketing communications, branding and digital services backed by years of expertise across various communication platforms that will help you arrive at the most effective business card for your company.